Author Topic: New updates that were added to the server/website on 10th July 2019  (Read 70 times)

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Our Discord Server has been changed. Kindly join the Official Server.

Official Discord Channel :
Official Facebook Page:
Official Twitter Page:

The following changes/updates have been made:

Game Servers:

Call of Duty 4 Servers:

1. All noob perks are now disabled - Anyone who selects class(custom/in-built) which holds the following perks
    named Last Stand, Martyrdom, Grenade Launcher, x3 Frag Grenade, Juggernaut will not be able to utilize them in
    our servers as those are turned off.
2. RPG has been disabled. Indeed RPG was quite helpful to destroy chopper but you can utilize the LMG's.
3. Rules for the COD4 Server have been updated. Anyone found glitching or using elevators in-game in order
    to gain advantage will be directly kicked from the server. Continuing so will lead to ban from our servers.

Call of Duty 6 Servers:

1. We have mainly added the small maps due to the fact that the number of players are quite less.
2. Following changes have been made in the AIZombie Server:
      i.    Game now starts with $2000 in-game money instead of $1000
      ii.   Flamethrower/ Raygun features have been removed due to the bug that occurs in game.
      iii.  RPG up-gradation feature has been turned off due to over-spam.

Big-Brother Bot:

1. Some features have been removed which only deals with the server. Command like !restart/!rebuild are not
    available any further.
2. Command !report has been added to the COD6 Server.


1. In order to Register you now have to provide a valid email-ID and then verify it properly to login.
2. "Game Panel" which is only available for Admins have been added. A quick guide/tutorial can be found here.

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