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Game Panel- Only for Server Admins
« on: June 11, 2019, 03:28:47 PM »
Hello there, here is a small tutorial or a guide through the new feature named "Game Panel(Cod4xWebStatus)" in our website:

Features of the Web Game Panel:

1. Manually PM/Kick/Tempban someone even without visiting the game server.
2. Screenshot feature to check the player game screen.
3. Permanent ban by checking out the screenshot.

In order to visit the Game Panel kindly click the "Game Panel" option in the Menu Bar.


In order to use the Game Panel you need a Steam Account. A valid old steam account is necessary. Newly created steam account will not work, if you create a new account and want to use it then you have to bypass the "Limited Account" feature by purchasing any game that is around $5 or more.

Join the Steam Group to get access to Web Admin:

How to Login:

Visit the "Game Panel" page and at the top right corner you will find "Sign in through steam" option available. Clicking on that will take you to steam page where you will have to provide your steam account credentials. Once you have logged in and provide access you will be reverted back to the Game Panel page as logged in.

Step 1 :
Step 2 :

How to use the platform:

Once you have logged in you will find the following options in the left navigation bar:

1. Home: This page will show the servers along with all the details also the recently ban details.
2. Servers: This page will show the available servers. Clicking on the serves will show more details regarding the
    number of players and all. More details regarding this will be below as it's the main panel.
3. Banned Players: This page will show the players that have been banned from the servers along with the proof and
    other details.

Guide through the features in Servers (Check the image below)

Below screenshot provides all the details of the Panel:

[This screenshot also have been added as attachment to have a better view]

Some rules that you must follow:

1. Make sure that after you hit the "Screenshot option" atleast give 30 second for the screenshot to arrive.
    Refresh the page, don't keep on hitting the screenshot option again and again which can cause the server to lag.
2. If you find that the player is not guilty, delete the screenshot.
3. Don't use the PM message to troll over other players. Only and only if necessary use that feature.
4. The Permanentban(Permban) feature is very unique from any other features. So only use it if it's necessary for a
    ethic hacker, as once banned removing the ban does not removes the ban from the server for instance. It has to
    be done manually(from my end).
5. Don't over-spam the screenshot option. Use it only when required and necessary.

FLAWS of the WebAdmin Features:

1. Even if you click the screenshot feature for the second server listed on the panel, the screenshot will only arrive
    and get listed under the first server listed. No fix for this, so don't keep asking. To elaborate on this all
    screenshots will arrive and get listed under"Resolute Gamers FFA Server Powered by r.G| []".
2. Permban feature is not reversible through website. It has to be done manually.

Anyone found breaking/violating the rules above will be removed from further access to the WebAdmin feature.

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