Author Topic: Minecraft Server migrating to other clan.  (Read 307 times)

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Minecraft Server migrating to other clan.
« on: August 31, 2019, 11:46:35 AM »
Hello everyone!! As probably some of you already know that we are migrating our Minecraft server to other clan.

Donbreo, who is one of our players in MC will be leading you guys to the new server. He is expert in his domain and is more experienced than me in handling the pitfalls that i cant actually handle. The Mc server that we together(including all the player, and i am very thankful to everyone for that) have built up is really an extraordinary achievement. For me personally starting from the scratch and have learned a lot on the way.

But we or basically i really don't want to end up the MC server so easily(as i cant support it any further in terms of money as well as the resources/maintenance). So i am glad that someone came up to overtake the server and continue on the same path and with better improvements.

So, Saturday or Sunday we will migrate the server and it will take some time, a day to be least but can ensure that all your datas(your builds/rank/xp/money/inv.) will remain the same without any changes.
During the migration period the server wont be available but DonBreo will start it soon enough he is sure that everything is just on track.

Players rank remains the same! The tag/prefix might differ depending on what Donbreo's clan decide to come up with.. And for the Admins/Mods i have requested him to give you peoples a chance so that you can prove your capabilities.
Rest assured, Resolute gamers  discord MC channel will remain open for this week where i will share all the necessary details to migrate to Donbreo's discord channel/website or whatever way he prefers.

I hope you peoples will co-operate with us for the same and help DonBreo to keep on doing the great work.

And finally i am really glad to serve you peoples for some time as well as it has been a pleasure to meet everyone. And i would also like to say sorry to all those peoples whom i might have not been able to help in game or might have warned/kicked for breaking the rules.