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Big Brother Bot Command List
« on: January 06, 2019, 12:30:07 AM »
Level (Big-Brother-Bot)Group(Server Adminship)Description
100superadminThe Super Admin is the highest level of authority. A Super Admin has access to all commands and is generally only assigned to the server owner.
80senioradminSenior Admins are the highest admins. They have access to most commands except for the commands used in server/bot setup.
60fulladminFull admins have less authority than Senior Admins but still have access to harsher punishment commands such as !ban.
40adminAdmins are the first level of administrators. Their harshest punishment is a !kick, yet they are probably the most numerous of the admins.
20modModerators are the first step to becoming an admin, an admin training ground if you will. They can only !warn users or remind them of the rules.They can notify higher level admins when harsher punishment is needed.
2regRegulars are not admins or moderators, but your loyal server population. You would only give regular status to members of your community.
1userA user is like a self appointed regular. New players can use the !register command to gain user status. User’s have only a few commands but gain extra privelages that would be ignored for the one-time visit players.

List of all available commands in Big-Brother-Bot

  • !admins: shows available admins ingame
  • !aliases:  aliases <name> - shows other names used by the user.
  • !allVotes:  all available vote types.
  • !auth:  auth <password> - in order to get access to admin commands depending on levels.
  • !b3:  show the B3 version and uptime.
  • !ban:  temporarily ban a player for the duration set by ban duration.
  • !banall:  bans everyone in the server
  • !baninfo:  helps to check ban over a specific player
  • !banplayer:  well this is not available now but after website is up, perhaps it might be.
  • !ci:  connection interrupted. Kicks a specific player ci <playername>.
  • !clear:  clears warning of a specific player clear <playername>.
  • !cookie:  give a cookie to a player.
  • !clientinfo:  shows specific details about a client.
  • !find:  helps in finding a in-game player using name. Good to catch user with ascii value/names.
  • !getpassword:  well not necessary.
  • !greeting:  define the message to broadcast when a player having defined a custom greeting message with the !greeting joins.
  • !help:  shows all available commands.
  • !ipban:  bans using IP.
  • !ipunban:  unbans using IP.
  • !kickall:  kicks all player ingame.
  • !kiss:  clears warning for all in-game players.
  • !lastbans:  shows the last banned player.
  • !leveltest:  shows level of user in B3.
  • !list:  shows in-game player using ranks.
  • !lookup:  find a player in the B3 database by its name or partial name.
  • !maprotate:  load the next map on the game server.
  • !maps:  available maps in server file.
  • !mapstats:  current player status in the specific match.
  • !mask:  mask yourself as being a member of a group of lower level.
  • !nextmap:  shows next map.
  • !no:  use this to vote !no.
  • !notice:  save to the B3 database a note about a player.
  • !ns:  say 'Nice shot' to your killer.
  • !poke:  notify a player that he needs to move.
  • !putgroup:  can be used to put a player to available groups.
  • !rebuild:  helps in building current statistics.
  • !regtest:  the !regtest command tells in which B3 group you are in.
  • !regulars:  list online players which are in the regular group.
  • !report:  reports a player in dircord server.
  • !rules:  display the server rules.
  • !say:  shows a message to all player.
  • !scream:  broadcast a message 5 times in a row to all players. Each message occurrence will be in a different color.
  • !seen:  last time a player was seen in server.
  • !spam:  predefined messages can be spammed using this command.
  • !spamins:  displays a player spam level.
  • !spankall:  spank all players whose name matches the given pattern specifying a reason. The reason can be any text of your choice or a reference to a reason shortcut as defined in the warn_reasons section of the admin config file.
  • !spree:  shows player statistics in the current match.
  • !sry:  say you are sorry to your last victim.
  • !status:  report status of B3 database.
  • !tempban:  bans player temporarily.
  • !time:  shows current time.
  • !time <timezone/offset>:  display the time for a given timezone or offset.
  • !topstats:  shows top statistics in the current map.
  • !topxp:  shows top experienced players in the current map.
  • !unban:  used for unbanning a specific player.
  • !ungroup:  used for ungrouping a specific player.
  • !unreg:  removes a player  from regular group.
  • !warnclear:  used to clear warning.
  • !warninfo:  shows how many warning a user has.
  • !warnremove:  removes warn from a specific players.
  • !warns:  helps in checking out existing format of warnings.
  • !warntest:  tests a warning.
  • !yes:  vote !yes