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Minecraft / Minecraft Server all Voting Site links
« on: July 29, 2019, 01:57:11 AM »
Minecraft Server all Voting Site Links:

Vote Link 1     >>   Click Here to visit Vote Site 1
Vote Link 2     >>   Click Here to visit Vote Site 2
Vote Link 3     >>   Click Here to visit Vote Site 3
Vote Link 4     >>   Click Here to visit Vote Site 4
Vote Link 5     >>   Click Here to visit Vote Site 5
Vote Link 6     >>   Click Here to visit Vote Site 6
Vote Link 7     >>   Click Here to visit Vote Site 7
Vote Link 8     >>   Click Here to visit Vote Site 8
Vote Link 9     >>   Click Here to visit Vote Site 9
Vote Link 10   >>   Click Here to visit Vote Site 10
Vote Link 11   >>   Click Here to visit Vote Site 11
Vote Link 12   >>   Click Here to visit Vote Site 12

* For each vote you will receive 1 diamond, so a total of 12 diamond can be claimed every 24 hours.
* You will only receive rewards if you are online in-game at the time of voting else you won't find you rewards if you vote offline.

News & Announcement / Minecraft Server Update [26/07/2019]
« on: July 25, 2019, 11:54:59 PM »
Minecraft server will undergo a maintainance tomorrow i.e 26th of July 2019 (5 Pm to 7/8 PM). We will roll over some updates and some new features. I promise to put the server running as early as possible with all the new features. Thank you.

* All changes and additions will be announced here after the update.

Rules and regulations / Minecraft Game Servers Rules and Regulations
« on: July 22, 2019, 08:54:11 AM »
Follow the rules and regulations in order to avoid unnecessary circumstances(Kick/Ban)

Overall Server Rules & Regulations

Rule #0: Don't use any kind of hack/scripts/mods.
Rule #1: Using X-ray will get you banned from the server permanently.
Rule #2: Dont abuse any ranks you have (Admind and Member)
Rule #3: Sharing unapproved links will not be tolerated.
Rule #4: No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items.
Rule #5: Don't advertise or mention other servers.
Rule #6: No offensive builds, names or skins.
Rule #7: No Griefing,Spamming,Trolling/Flaming.
Rule #8: Respect everyone.No abusive language or behavior towards any players.
Rule #9: No more than 2 accounts per IP is allowed.

Survival World Rules & Regulations

Rule #0: No griefing. Don't destroy or build on other peoples property.
Rule #1: No Hacking/X-Ray. If found will be banned. Any kind of hack like killaura(aimbot), auto-clicker, speedhack, fly, jesus and other will get automatically detected.
Rule #2: Don't build 1x1 towers or dig hole downwards.
Rule #3: No death traps or places where users will die. If found doing so, appropriate action will be taken towards the player
Rule #4: Auto Farms/Fishing or anti-afk machines are not ALLOWED. [We might consider Auto-Farm later on but auto-fishing is NOT ALLOWED]
Rule #5: When Trading, only buy and sell legit items.
Rule #6: No advertising or spamming of websites or servers.
Rule #7: Maximum of 16 of each animals per person.
Rule #8: PVP is strictly forbidden so don't use Lava or any other method/way to harm other users.

Please Note: No ban appeal will be accepted if caught with hacks.

News & Announcement / Announcing our Minecraft Server
« on: July 21, 2019, 11:14:31 PM »
Hello there, we are happy to announce our Minecraft Server

Server IP:
Server Version: 1.14.3

[* User's with latest version can also join the server but pre-versions are not allowed]

We are starting small due to the fact that we don't know the response we will get from the users around, but in case if we find that we have suppressed the minimal requirements we will extend our server (slot as well as worlds with new gametypes)

So here is the small list that we are currently offering in our server:

A Survival World where user's can build, earn money by joining jobs, sell and buy items via adminshop or auction,  create Chest shops as well as visit the portals (Nether and the End). There are many other features that can be done in-game but for now we have restricted PVP.

A Minigame world, the MobArena where users can fight the zombies and earn existing rewards by completing each wave. For now we have made it super easy (including the boss waves) and upon completing the last wave i.e 30, you will receive the best rewards possible. It's a good option to clear the inventory before participating in MobArena so that you don't run out of space in your inventory.

Voting daily will provide you a small rewards, it totally upto you on how many websites you want to vote(as we have a list of webs to vote on.)

Please remember we support "PLAY FAIR AND HAVE FUN". Anyone using any means of illegal scripts/software to gain advantage in-game will be removed/kicked.

Currently at this moment we are not looking for any staff or mods but if necessary we will inform here as well as in the server.

For more details click here: Click Here
For rules click here: Click Here

Minecraft / Minecraft Server (Beta Version)
« on: July 15, 2019, 12:09:13 AM »
Server IP:
Version: 1.14.3

Kindly note, the server is currently out in BETA version for testing. By default for now the starting money is unlimited to try out different plugins.
**All the changes made in the server during the testing will be rolled back once the Alhpa version is out (basically all plugins working properly).

Worlds [Use the Compass or the command /ut gui for worlds]:

Hub/Lobby[Lobby]  - The Lobby or the Hub (All details can be found here or can be called as the main world where an user spawns when joins for the first time)
Survival World[Survival]  - The Survival world, basically is the main server consisting of most of the plugins. PVP is not allowed (it's not allowed in any world by default) , all plugins will be mentioned in the plugins section. This world has two divisions which are mentioned below.
      Nether World [Survival_nether] - The Nether world, linked with Survival
      End World [Survival_the_end] - The End World, linked with Survival
KitPVP[MobArena] - This is a fun-game world. MobArena with 30 waves are available. Will be discussed more in details below.

Plugins [Available for Users]:

•ChestShop:  Anyone can create a shop using a chest along with a Sign.  Just right-click the sign to buy, left-click to sell. You can keep the "name" section blank, it will automatically input the player's name.

The protocol to follow is :

Sell price:Buy Price

B 500:250 S

•CrazyAuctions:  Buying/Selling/Bidding can be done using /ah.
•GUIShop:  Adminshop to purchase and sell items. Click an item in the top inventory to buy and to sell use /sell and put the items in the slots. /shop
•Jobs:  Different kind of jobs are available. /jobs
•GriefPrevention:  Claim land in Survival. /kit claim can provide all necessary information.
•MobArena:  Consists of 30 waves with 3 boss waves. Completing each wave will provide rewards. Each round the waves becomes tough so do you get better rewards.

If you find any bugs or things are not working a sit should be kindly report it under this thread.

Website Features / Game Panel- Only for Server Admins
« on: June 11, 2019, 03:28:47 PM »
Hello there, here is a small tutorial or a guide through the new feature named "Game Panel(Cod4xWebStatus)" in our website:

Features of the Web Game Panel:

1. Manually PM/Kick/Tempban someone even without visiting the game server.
2. Screenshot feature to check the player game screen.
3. Permanent ban by checking out the screenshot.

In order to visit the Game Panel kindly click the "Game Panel" option in the Menu Bar.


In order to use the Game Panel you need a Steam Account. A valid old steam account is necessary. Newly created steam account will not work, if you create a new account and want to use it then you have to bypass the "Limited Account" feature by purchasing any game that is around $5 or more.

Join the Steam Group to get access to Web Admin:

How to Login:

Visit the "Game Panel" page and at the top right corner you will find "Sign in through steam" option available. Clicking on that will take you to steam page where you will have to provide your steam account credentials. Once you have logged in and provide access you will be reverted back to the Game Panel page as logged in.

Step 1 :
Step 2 :

How to use the platform:

Once you have logged in you will find the following options in the left navigation bar:

1. Home: This page will show the servers along with all the details also the recently ban details.
2. Servers: This page will show the available servers. Clicking on the serves will show more details regarding the
    number of players and all. More details regarding this will be below as it's the main panel.
3. Banned Players: This page will show the players that have been banned from the servers along with the proof and
    other details.

Guide through the features in Servers (Check the image below)

Below screenshot provides all the details of the Panel:

[This screenshot also have been added as attachment to have a better view]

Some rules that you must follow:

1. Make sure that after you hit the "Screenshot option" atleast give 30 second for the screenshot to arrive.
    Refresh the page, don't keep on hitting the screenshot option again and again which can cause the server to lag.
2. If you find that the player is not guilty, delete the screenshot.
3. Don't use the PM message to troll over other players. Only and only if necessary use that feature.
4. The Permanentban(Permban) feature is very unique from any other features. So only use it if it's necessary for a
    ethic hacker, as once banned removing the ban does not removes the ban from the server for instance. It has to
    be done manually(from my end).
5. Don't over-spam the screenshot option. Use it only when required and necessary.

FLAWS of the WebAdmin Features:

1. Even if you click the screenshot feature for the second server listed on the panel, the screenshot will only arrive
    and get listed under the first server listed. No fix for this, so don't keep asking. To elaborate on this all
    screenshots will arrive and get listed under"Resolute Gamers FFA Server Powered by r.G| []".
2. Permban feature is not reversible through website. It has to be done manually.

Anyone found breaking/violating the rules above will be removed from further access to the WebAdmin feature.

Our Discord Server has been changed. Kindly join the Official Server.

Official Discord Channel :
Official Facebook Page:
Official Twitter Page:

The following changes/updates have been made:

Game Servers:

Call of Duty 4 Servers:

1. All noob perks are now disabled - Anyone who selects class(custom/in-built) which holds the following perks
    named Last Stand, Martyrdom, Grenade Launcher, x3 Frag Grenade, Juggernaut will not be able to utilize them in
    our servers as those are turned off.
2. RPG has been disabled. Indeed RPG was quite helpful to destroy chopper but you can utilize the LMG's.
3. Rules for the COD4 Server have been updated. Anyone found glitching or using elevators in-game in order
    to gain advantage will be directly kicked from the server. Continuing so will lead to ban from our servers.

Call of Duty 6 Servers:

1. We have mainly added the small maps due to the fact that the number of players are quite less.
2. Following changes have been made in the AIZombie Server:
      i.    Game now starts with $2000 in-game money instead of $1000
      ii.   Flamethrower/ Raygun features have been removed due to the bug that occurs in game.
      iii.  RPG up-gradation feature has been turned off due to over-spam.

Big-Brother Bot:

1. Some features have been removed which only deals with the server. Command like !restart/!rebuild are not
    available any further.
2. Command !report has been added to the COD6 Server.


1. In order to Register you now have to provide a valid email-ID and then verify it properly to login.
2. "Game Panel" which is only available for Admins have been added. A quick guide/tutorial can be found here.

News & Announcement / Recruitment requirements.. Read before applying!
« on: January 06, 2019, 01:43:17 AM »
Please note below:

We don't support multi-clanning - Everyone who are in other clans are welcomed to apply for membership but SHOULD NEVER apply for adminship. In order to apply for adminship, he/she can only me a member of r.G| Clan nowhere else.
Members will not be granted any powers or any special benefits and are NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR THE CLAN TAG.

**If a player is not in a clan/or has not been in any clan before, then and only then after passing membership he can apply for Adminship.
**Anyone found tricking us by being in multiple server will be directly removed and banned from our server without any further appeals. Applicable to peoples who are Admins/or have applied for Adminship.


We do provide the opportunity to anyone who is active and plays fair! We welcome everyone from all around the world to join us. But there are some rules that you need to checkout before applying for Admin-ship/Membership.

Kindly go through these requirements before you apply to join our clan:

Rule #1: You can not directly apply for #Adminship. You have to be a member first and then you can apply for Adminship when you feel you are eligible and fit enough to go for it. Depending on your performance you will be selected (don't worry we are a very friendly clan and earning ranks is quite easy)

Rule #2: In order to apply for Membership you need to check out your ranking in our Servers. As we currently have multiple servers it's not necessary be active and put yourself in a good position in all our servers rather any one among all available will be okay.!

Requirement(any one of the two):

You need to be in/within TOP 100
Have around 8-10 hours of in-game play in our server.

*You can check your ranking over here from any selected servers of your choice:

Rule #3: Direct Adminship will be provided only with special criteria and special recruitment based on our requirements.

Rule #4: We don't allow multi-claning, it's basically some players joining multiple clans and trying to get powers in game which we strictly don't allow. That simply does not means we are only searching for pro player! Nope, even a newbie is welcomed to join us and be a part of our clan.

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare II / Big Brother Bot Command List
« on: January 06, 2019, 12:30:07 AM »
Level (Big-Brother-Bot)Group(Server Adminship)Description
100superadminThe Super Admin is the highest level of authority. A Super Admin has access to all commands and is generally only assigned to the server owner.
80senioradminSenior Admins are the highest admins. They have access to most commands except for the commands used in server/bot setup.
60fulladminFull admins have less authority than Senior Admins but still have access to harsher punishment commands such as !ban.
40adminAdmins are the first level of administrators. Their harshest punishment is a !kick, yet they are probably the most numerous of the admins.
20modModerators are the first step to becoming an admin, an admin training ground if you will. They can only !warn users or remind them of the rules.They can notify higher level admins when harsher punishment is needed.
2regRegulars are not admins or moderators, but your loyal server population. You would only give regular status to members of your community.
1userA user is like a self appointed regular. New players can use the !register command to gain user status. User’s have only a few commands but gain extra privelages that would be ignored for the one-time visit players.

List of all available commands in Big-Brother-Bot

  • !admins: shows available admins ingame
  • !aliases:  aliases <name> - shows other names used by the user.
  • !allVotes:  all available vote types.
  • !auth:  auth <password> - in order to get access to admin commands depending on levels.
  • !b3:  show the B3 version and uptime.
  • !ban:  temporarily ban a player for the duration set by ban duration.
  • !banall:  bans everyone in the server
  • !baninfo:  helps to check ban over a specific player
  • !banplayer:  well this is not available now but after website is up, perhaps it might be.
  • !ci:  connection interrupted. Kicks a specific player ci <playername>.
  • !clear:  clears warning of a specific player clear <playername>.
  • !cookie:  give a cookie to a player.
  • !clientinfo:  shows specific details about a client.
  • !find:  helps in finding a in-game player using name. Good to catch user with ascii value/names.
  • !getpassword:  well not necessary.
  • !greeting:  define the message to broadcast when a player having defined a custom greeting message with the !greeting joins.
  • !help:  shows all available commands.
  • !ipban:  bans using IP.
  • !ipunban:  unbans using IP.
  • !kickall:  kicks all player ingame.
  • !kiss:  clears warning for all in-game players.
  • !lastbans:  shows the last banned player.
  • !leveltest:  shows level of user in B3.
  • !list:  shows in-game player using ranks.
  • !lookup:  find a player in the B3 database by its name or partial name.
  • !maprotate:  load the next map on the game server.
  • !maps:  available maps in server file.
  • !mapstats:  current player status in the specific match.
  • !mask:  mask yourself as being a member of a group of lower level.
  • !nextmap:  shows next map.
  • !no:  use this to vote !no.
  • !notice:  save to the B3 database a note about a player.
  • !ns:  say 'Nice shot' to your killer.
  • !poke:  notify a player that he needs to move.
  • !putgroup:  can be used to put a player to available groups.
  • !rebuild:  helps in building current statistics.
  • !regtest:  the !regtest command tells in which B3 group you are in.
  • !regulars:  list online players which are in the regular group.
  • !report:  reports a player in dircord server.
  • !rules:  display the server rules.
  • !say:  shows a message to all player.
  • !scream:  broadcast a message 5 times in a row to all players. Each message occurrence will be in a different color.
  • !seen:  last time a player was seen in server.
  • !spam:  predefined messages can be spammed using this command.
  • !spamins:  displays a player spam level.
  • !spankall:  spank all players whose name matches the given pattern specifying a reason. The reason can be any text of your choice or a reference to a reason shortcut as defined in the warn_reasons section of the admin config file.
  • !spree:  shows player statistics in the current match.
  • !sry:  say you are sorry to your last victim.
  • !status:  report status of B3 database.
  • !tempban:  bans player temporarily.
  • !time:  shows current time.
  • !time <timezone/offset>:  display the time for a given timezone or offset.
  • !topstats:  shows top statistics in the current map.
  • !topxp:  shows top experienced players in the current map.
  • !unban:  used for unbanning a specific player.
  • !ungroup:  used for ungrouping a specific player.
  • !unreg:  removes a player  from regular group.
  • !warnclear:  used to clear warning.
  • !warninfo:  shows how many warning a user has.
  • !warnremove:  removes warn from a specific players.
  • !warns:  helps in checking out existing format of warnings.
  • !warntest:  tests a warning.
  • !yes:  vote !yes

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare II / MW2 Server List
« on: January 06, 2019, 12:29:15 AM »
Resolute Gamers TDM|FFA (Team Deathmatch|Deathmatch) Server

Resolute Gamers AiZombie Server

Minecraft / Minecraft Server Soon
« on: December 17, 2018, 04:51:20 PM »

The Minecraft server is under development and will be available publicly soon!
Meanwhile, we are searching for some experienced developer/builder for our minecraft server. Anyone willing to help can post under this thread of can contact us in discord server.

Rules and regulations / Call of Duty Game Servers Rules and Regulations
« on: December 17, 2018, 04:00:24 PM »
Follow the rules and regulations in order to avoid unnecessary circumstances(Kick/Ban)

Team-Deathmatch Server Rules & Regulations

Rule #0: Don't use any kind of Hacks/Cheats/Scripts or you will be banned from the server!
Rule #1: RPG(Rocket Launcher), Grenade launcher, LS, Juggernaut and Martyrdom are strictly forbidden.
Rule #2: No arguing with admins (listen and learn or leave).
Rule #3: No abusive language or behavior towards admins or other players.
Rule #4: No offensive or potentially offensive names, annoying names, or in-game (double caret (^)) color in names.
Rule #5: No recruiting for your clan, your server, or anything else.
Rule #6: No advertising or spamming of websites or servers.
Rule #7: No profanity or offensive language (in any language).
Rule #8: Do NOT fire at teammates or within 10 seconds of spawning.
Rule #9: Offense players must play for the objective and support their team.

Deathmatch Server Rules & Regulations

Rule #0: Don't use any kind of Hacks/Cheats/Scripts or you will be banned from the server!
Rule #1: RPG(Rocket Launcher)is strictly forbidden.
Rule #2: No arguing with admins (listen and learn or leave).
Rule #3: No abusive language or behavior towards admins or other players.
Rule #4: No offensive or potentially offensive names, annoying names, or in-game (double caret (^)) color in names.
Rule #5: No recruiting for your clan, your server, or anything else.
Rule #6: No advertising or spamming of websites or servers.
Rule #7: No profanity or offensive language (in any language).
Rule #8: Do NOT fire at teammates or within 10 seconds of spawning.
Rule #9: Offense players must play for the objective and support their team.

Rules and regulations / Website Rules and Regulations
« on: December 17, 2018, 03:46:21 PM »
#1: No bad behavior will be tolerated towards any member. (newbies/members/admins)
#2: English should be official language. So if you need any support/assistance kindly make sure that you post it in english.
#3: Before posting go through the threads and put your post under appropriate section. Topic that don't fit to the proper section will either be migrated or removed.
#4: Do not share any kind of pornography,nudes or adult substances.
#5: Peoples trying to advertise their services (including websites/servers) will be banned forever.
#6: If you want to post anything that isn't related to games kindly use the "Off-Topic" Section.
#7: You represent, warrant, and covenant that you will not submit any User Content that:
  • violates or infringes in any way upon the rights of others, including, but not limited to, any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, moral right, or other intellectual property or proprietary right of any person or entity;
  • impersonates another or is unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, vulgar, obscene, profane, pornographic, or otherwise objectionable;
  • encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any law;
  • is an advertisement for goods or services or a solicitation of funds;
  • includes personal information such as messages which identify phone numbers, social security numbers, account numbers, addresses, or employer references;
  • contains a formula, instruction, or advice that could cause harm or injury; or
  • is a chain letter of any kind.

Ban Appeal / Ban Appeal Format
« on: December 17, 2018, 03:44:36 PM »

You should maintain the format below when posting for ban appeal!


Your In-game name:
Server Name: 
Banned by (Admin name):
Reason for getting banned:
Why should you be un-banned?:

Go through the #rules & #regulation sections.

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare I / Cod4 Server List
« on: December 17, 2018, 03:28:28 PM »
Resolute Gamers TDM (Team Deathmatch) Server

Resolute Gamers FFA (Free For All) Server

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