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Call of Duty 4 Adminship / [Adminship] -> Aaloo
« on: March 09, 2019, 02:28:21 PM »
General info:
Your in-game name: aaloo
Your age: 28
Country you live in: INDIA
Previous clans you have been in: None
Discord username?(Optional): Godfather
How did you find our clan? (Did someone recruit you?): Found on Cod4
How long have you been playing Call of Duty 4?:2 years
Have you read and agreed to all clan rules, including forum and in-game rules? (Yes/No):  yes
Are you aware that you have to be active on the forums? yes
How Many Hours do you play daily, during weekdays and weekends on our servers?
Average 3 hrs a day
What ping do you have when playing on our servers?: 20-40
Do you have experience in playing ClanWars? (Yes/No):No
Have you went through the requirements before applying?(Yes/No):Yes
Hunger to win each game I play, cleanly.
Please explain why you want to join Resolute Gamers[r.G|]? What would you do in our clan, as opposed to not being in a clan, and what makes our clan stand out from others?
I had joined the the r|G clan last year(an ex-admin by name of Mummy/Godfather :P). It is a good server with many quality players. Playing games against such players is only going to improve my quality as a gamer and bring out the best of me.

What makes you stand out from the other recruits?
I have experience of being an admin(Mummy/Godfather) on this very clan/server. As the admin, I was really active in kicking-out/banning hackers/cheaters.

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